Grr. DCF

I mean, no exaggeration, 30 minutes after my family showed up :( At least is was one of the normal people otherwise we would have to tell the whole damn story over again. Just like we have had to for the last 4 DCF visits.

We are getting good at telling The Story at least. Elizabeth spins the main yarn. You can tell how pissed off she is at the time based on the details emphasized :) I usually try to interject extra factoids to make the story sound better or worse depending on how I think its going. I like to mess up dates too ;) The Story is sooo very confusing and none of these dumb bitches ever takes notes. LOL. Its not even the Guardians' job to know. They're just in it for the gossip.

Courtesy case workers, my ass.

Brandon admitted he doesn't read the blog anymore :) Justifies me to cut loose once in a while. I sure can't out loud anymore with a kid learning to talk!

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