The portable AC for the nursery works great. Getting that damn exhaust duct in is taking some... creativity. Its barely in there now for testing and Baby Nap Time. Didn't want to start drilling in screws if this thing wasn't gonna start up.


  1. Cool, what brand, what btu, and where do you need to put screws? None of our window a/c's were put in with screws. Just being nosy. LOL

  2. Sharp cv-p10pc. 9k BTU

    This is a portable, not a window unit. It has a plastic shield that mounts in the window and you run an exhaust hose to it. This has to be screwed into the window seat.

  3. That's going to be a lot easier to put in and remove when the weather changes, or am I thinking of the weather up here? LOL Sorry, in a strange mood today.