Crime Time!

Indianapolis police arrested a 31-year-old father of two after finding his children, one naked and one wearing only a diaper, wandering the streets as he played a computer game.

Timothy Hausaman's two children were discovered wandering around the apartment complex in which they lived near a busy road Saturday night. A neighbor kept an eye on the children for 20 minutes before calling police. When officers arrived at Hausaman's apartment they found the door open. No one responded to the door so they went inside and found the father playing Atlantis on his laptop.

The man told police that he left his children downstairs to play and was so into his game he had no idea they had left the apartment.

Hausaman told police during his arrest that, "I am obviously not very good at watching children".

His wife was away on business during the incident.

We've played this game before. What do we call people like this?

That's right! Heroes!

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