Getting to the point that its hard to even move my legs. Had to drag that washer around late last week. Yard work over the weekend. The past couple of days sees me dragging the fridge around.

Yeah, the fridge was overheating. Not "not cold enough" but the device itself was overheating. Kudos to the rocket scientist in my family that thought between the fridge and counters was a great place to stuff "keep food warm" bags! On the side with the compressor no less! The back exhaust vent was also completely clogged and there is... either BBQ sauce or Terriaki sauce under it as well. Been working on this at night once everyone is asleep.

Not even supposed to be here. I was only house sitting for a couple of years. Not supposed to have a toddle either, so...

Probably for the best.


  1. If you go to the store they sell a add on to your vacuum that will slide under the fridge to clean under it. You can also take the front grill off and vacuum the coils on the bottom. Don't worry you may be relieved of all this very soon.

  2. Way, way past "stick a vacuum under it". Mystery goo need to be removed. Also, would have been catastrophic to not clean the rear exhaust vent. Still toying with the idea of pulling the back panel & cleaning it RIGHT.

  3. that's always an option. Please don't electrocute yourself.