Consumers Tweet Back!

Baby's still asleep. Lets talk about Twitter. I like to use Twitter to bitch about consumer stuff. Everyone is following, especially marketers. The trick is to use hash tags. Its easy. Just put # before keywords like this:

#BestBuy sucks! I couldn't use a coupon on a sale item at the Clearwater store. #fail

You can use search to see if a particular hash tag is already trending. For example :#bestbuyfail

Also, nearly every piece of content on the 'net has a retweet button. Clicking this will publish a tweet linking back to said content. This is how you can easily raise the exposure of anything on the web.

Followers matter. You will get random folks following you based on the topics you cover. Lap it up. Your follower count is your strength. It is custom to follow back (at least for a while).

Don't use your name. Use this as a tool. If you want to do microblogging, start another account.

Baby's up.

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