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Liz sent me this little story from Jabil. Frankly, I can't get over them making a Corp. customer (A) go to a store for support and (B) wait for 1hr, but this seems more of an anecdote than a gripe, so:

I heard a good Apple story today.

One of our network architects has an iPhone through Jabil. It stopped working and he needed it fixed so he put in a ticket with site IT. Site IT told him that he would need to have Apple fix it and he was given directions to the nearest Apple store which offers "Enterprise Support".

So he gets to the store and is asked if he made an appointment. Which he did not - it is his first time with an iPhone. So he is told that he will need to wait an hour before they can help him. They suggest he walk around the store while he waits. He is really bored so he walks around looking at the iPad and other machines. He decides to switch all of the demo machines to default to or He checked the internet history on the machines - all of them show customers checking Facebook but he saw no other sites being looked at.

While he was lookin around, he hears someone announcing that a woman has bought her first Apple and everyone cheers. He looks over where the cheering is and sees everyone congratulating her. He said it made him think he was at some sort of Christian revival. Almost cult-like.

He says he was almost swallowed up by the Apple cult when he was looking at the iPad. Very good stuff. He couldn't stop drooling.

Anyway after an hour, the Enterprise Support area was able to look at his iPhone. The technician kept telling him it was probably water damage. But this guy knows his iPhone has never been near water. So the technician checks it for water damage and then tells him - no there is no water damage, but they cannot fix it and switched it out for a new phone.

The Jabil Network Architect then escapes without making any of the tempting purchases he has been drooling over and avoids joining the cult.


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  1. I will say that the network architect was not at all happy about having to drive to a store and wait an hour for "Enterprise Support".

    I did remove several expletive deletives when retelling the story