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I read this user review for Lego Rock Band on Gamestop and wanted to post it here for us all to enjoy.

I purchased the Lego's Rock Band and a Rock Band kit for my 15 year old son as a Christmas gift. I had read that Lego's Rock Band had a "Super Easy" mode and since I was not sure how hard Rock Band would be I thought that would be a great option to have.

My son is mentally disabled (just a little) and to my surprise this is GREAT for his hand and eye coordination. He plays on the super easy mode and does very well. Regular Rock Band does not have Super Easy so he does not do as good it boo's him off the stage sometimes. Although, he is able is get through some of regular Rock Band songs o.k. without being boo'd, Lego's Super Easy mode is preferred.

I love the fact that when I play with my son, I can put my guitar on "Medium" (that's harder than Super Easy), my son can play drums on "Super Easy" and yet we can both be playing the same song together.

Lego's let's you play a ton of songs from the Free Play mode if you don't want to do the story mode. That's what we do. Regular Rock Band band makes you play in story mode to unlock songs. Lego's lets you have access to the songs right away.

I was amazed to see how many songs i would like, and be able to download. I am little older (New Edition fan age) so when i saw downloadable songs from
Earth Wind and Fire, Average White Band and The Jackson 5....i just about lost my mind!!!

When my husband and I saw those songs (and others)...well..we kicked my son off and we "jam" all of the time now (even after my son goes to bed). We don't do story mode..just straight jamming!! I'm thinking about getting my own PS3 so I don't have to feel so bad about spending so much time on my son's.

This is the first game that has brought my family together. I NEVER play video games. Now we play as a family and have the best time ever!

And for parents of younger kids..you can download only family friendly songs and they even have some Nickelodeon groups like
The Naked Brothers Band ( "I don't wanna go to School" is a cute song)
Sponge Bob Square Pants songs

The game is very much like regular rock band..the notes come down the same, the sound is the same etc. Even though the characters are Lego's i don't feel like I'm playing a kid game - Medium level is kicking my butt.!!!

The Characters are cute and i love that, but most of all, my family "jams" together now for hours instead of everyone going to their own room and watching t.v.... apart.

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