Some Fun Stats

Browsing thru. Stats only start July 2010.

Most of the traffic is mine. Or rather my iGoogle plug-in. Huge trafic spikes are me responding to many comments. I read the email alert, link in, respond, then return to email. This is what that big 8 view spike in the graphic is.

Elizabeth's usage on the Blackberry is nearly zero the past couple weeks.

3 hits from Singapore? Hi Katherine! We should have tea sometime. A lot has happened and Baby Girl throws a rockin' tea party.

Either Diane and I both seem to check the blog via iThing once a month or iPhone/iPod browser usage is reported doubled.

These were the most popular topics. Tied @ 6 pageviews:

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  1. My Blackberry does not currently connect to the Jabil BES server so I cannot access the internet on it right now. I view your blog from my laptop at work when I can.

    I am reluctant to have my password reset for the BES server - then I will get work email on my Blackberry and I am avoiding that for now.

    Next week when I am on-call - I will have to connect to the BES server and then I will be viewing your blog through the Blackberry