Anonymous in the Spotlight

So much stuff I want to talk about today (thyroid starting to crank too high), but not enough time. I also don't think anyone really wants to read quite that much of my rhetoric, so I'm gonna talk about talking about stuff.

I'm no stranger to a journal. I am very new to having people read it however. As I've covered before, most of the time I jot stuff down here I still don't feel like I'm talking to anyone. I've always preferred a low profile. I don't want a large social circle or even Internet Fame. Being a hermit was a nice lifetime goal ;) I'm not even much of a picture or memories guy. I'm still not quite sure how this went from "help" to "hi" to the monolithic tower of text you see before you now.

I don't really know where I'm going with this... Maybe I should just go back to Twitter to learn some restraint. That 140 character limit does wonders for streamlining thoughts.

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