The Book of Eli Movie Review

This is a long, ultra-violent hard sci-fi tale of Denzel Washington who has to take his book West through the post atomic wasteland of America. Gary Oldman wants his book.

The look. Yeah, they ripped off the entire visual style of Fallout 3. Blatantly. The terrain, the lighting, the film filters. You name it. Very striking

The Silence. Book of Eli is the quietest Mad Max movie ever. Everything is still and dead. There is no dialog for the first 20mins of the movie. You feel that its all gone

Gary Oldman as a bad guy. He's always sooo good. He disappears into some of the most despicable monsters in cinema and just when you unreservedly hate this guy, there's a little wink to the audience. He always slips in in. A tick or line of dialog that says "Hey, calm down. We're just having fun kids". And such a variety of bad guys! He's not just Gary Oldman. The guy can actually ACT.

Denzel Washington's performance at the end of the second act is wonderful. I'm not gonna say too much, but... yeah. Not your usual Hollywood breakdown. So much more suited to his character.

Good story and dialog. Great hand-2-hand fights, fair gunplay. Good gore.

Sound design! The lead sound engineer... guy person... should to torn apart by syphilitic monkeys (on crack). Yeah, the silence was great, but not in a bar scene! I get what they were going for, but when I have to check the video to see if I accidentally downloaded an unfinished work print you screwed up. Because the movie is so quiet, the producers felt the need to make anything remotely action oriented TOO LOUD. In the 3rd act, the sound guy tries to copy Blade Runner. Sigh...

Video compositing on wide shots is amateurish. Even under a grey filter. BluRay won't do this any favors.

The Look. They stole everything from Fallout 3. Including the desire to desaturate the entire movie. Maybe even more so than Fallout. This movie has one color: Grey. You get a break in the 3rd act where we change from grey to sepia filters. Yay.

Mila Kunis can act, just not consistently. I also hate hearing her voice. She is hoplessly outclassed by the rest of that cast and pulls me out of the movie. Obviously included to catch the attentions of young males.

The ending's ending. There are a couple of quick scenes in the epilog that ruin that movie. Well, not really, but they made me scream "Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong". I'm not gonna rant here. If your interested, drop me a comment. I'll try to keep spoiler's light. Okay, I'll rant a little (skip to avoid possbile (not really) spoilers. Its supposed to be a , NOT A @#$*ING IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And does not the say a little something about vengeance?! You'd know that if you weren't taking the iPod instead! Horrible! Tragic! Makes the whole thing seems worthless...

I liked The Book of Eli and wanted to love it. It is takes its time and really allows you to sink into the world they've created (Stolen!). The plot is good and offers a fun and thoughtful ride through the wasteland.

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