Comments on Creative Commons Licensing - Special Report

Creative Commons is such a beautiful license. Do what you want with it, just give credit and don't sell it. Its the way of The Internet. Of The Future.

Managing Editor Krutzler of Growing Up Otaku would like to take a moment to remind you that none of the original content here at Growing Up Otaku is available under such licensing conditions. If you reprint my material I will find you. I will sue you. I will take your house and dog and I will track mud all over your carpet. The legal staff of Growing Up Otaku live only to see my enemies broken and hear the lamenting of their women. Post it on Facebook? Gimme. Use that email button down there? Dolla Dolla Bill, Ya'll. Print it out? You owe me. Mention the URL to someone? Royalties time. You bookmark this site? What's the name of the bookmark? Nickel please. Once I have the technology to track it, you'll pay two cents everytime you type the address into your address bar. Five cents for a bookmark is a better deal. Here, try this:

Say "growing up otaku" out loud.

Go ahead. Its okay. See, no capital letters. Say "growing up otaku".

Okay, and add the bookmark, referal, both written and oral use of... Hmm... Ya know, why don't I just cut you some slack. Let's make all this mess go away for $12,000. Whadya say?


  1. This is some CPU upgrade class blogging right here!

  2. so i guess i owe you a bunch for posting everything you have ever blogged on face book right? LMAO!! you will get someone to send you those nickels yet mike! ~lisa

  3. considering you are complaining about licence instead of license I guess I'm free to do what I want, by the way you already have my house, I'll gladly give you my dog and unfortunately I have no money. Do your worst!! LOL

  4. Licence? Don't know what you're talking about ;) Behold the powers of Webmaster!

    Stupid Google Chrome spellchecker!