Die Netbook Die

From CrunchGear:
"My problem with netbooks is that they promised far more than they delivered. When you opened a netbook your initial thoughts were “Oh, I can get lots done on this.” Then you tried to run anything. In the end, users were frustrated, reviewers were angry, and the netbook became a doorstop. Our implicit expectations of tablets, however, forgo these problems. In fact, a tablet is supposed to look disappointing and then, when it doesn’t, we become enamored. The Dell Streak and the iPad fall into this category – they’re not supposed to be good, but they are."


It took MONTHS to turn my netbook into the Internet appliance it is today. I went through no less (and probably a few more) than 4 operating systems. Mom asked what kind of netbook she should buy for her vacation down here. My response was "None." I love my netbook but wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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