Free Time?

Everyone wants to know how my child free time has gone. The answer: not well.

Day 1 was last Thursday. Chloe was here until about 10:30AM. I spent the rest of the day on the verge on tears from the time she left 'till she came home. I was pretty useless. Day 2 was okay. Just felt numb and didn't do much of anything but wander around the house. Elizabeth was home early.

Then came a 3 day weekend. Business as usual then. Today I spent 4 #@&%ing hours cleaning the bathroom. Then 2 loads of dishes, some laundry, and still need to get the grill cleaned. And a shower. I hope.

Tomorrow is Jewish New Year (you spell it!), so only 1/2 day there.

Maybe either Thurs or Fri will be a good slack day then back to a weekend schedule.

I've got HIGH hopes for next week tho ;)


  1. Chloe will be leaving school early tomorrow and then Rosh Hashannah is on Thursday - so she will be home on Thursday as well as Wednesday afternoon

  2. So, there ya go. No chance this week ;)