A Great Way to Start the Day

The baby threw a rubber duck at me and knocked the bowl of oatmeal all over the floor because she wanted to eat her baby junk food. I then proceeded to smash up the garbage can (and my hand) pretty good. She can sit in her playpen and we'll try brunch. Wife still seems pissed from last night. I was the one being interrupted and she's pissed? Probably just means I'll have more bloody pants to scrub. The demeaning shit I do. Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care.

"Patience of a school teacher and the skill of a surgeon." It was the first Thank You letter (by mail!) I had received. We've come a long way from there. I can't believe that this kind of life is rewarding for some.

I guess others would say that about my old life too. Hmm. Perspective.
Not perspective. More different strokes. Just rambling now. Gonna -

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