Guest Blogger: Elizabeth

The Mrs. has your baby report for the day:

am thinking we will have gorditas tonight - I need one of the ground beef packages thawed.

*ed* Er, um. Not that part. No Tacos for you!

Chloe was excited as usual for school - she had a big breakfast too. She still has sniffles and a cough - but mucus is still clear and no fever.

Her teacher says that all of the boys in the class have moved onto the 2 year old class. So Chloe's class is all girls right now. The teacher says this is good too. The older boys were more active and it was harder to do alot of hands on activities with them. So the teachers are going to take this opportunity to have more complex activities with Chloe's class so that the girls can get to do more crafts and hands on activities.

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