Looting the Inbox

From Elizabeth:

After Chloe had breakfast today, I told her we were going to get her dressed for school - she smiled a big smile and walked eagerly to her room and actually cooperated while I got her dressed. Then I put her down on the floor - she quickly walked over to her lunchbox and blanket which I had set on the couch and picked up her blanket and grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the door. I barely had time to grab her cup and lunchbox! She was so excited I couldn't believe it.

When we got to the school she waved at her teacher Miss Jessica while I signed her in. She seemed very comfortable in the classroom and immediately spotted a wooden jigsaw puzzle of shapes which she began to work on. I put her lunch and cup in the refrigerator. She did not seem the least bit concerned that I might be leaving soon. Miss Jessica said that Chloe was very calm yesterday and played well with the class. Chloe asks "What's that?" about everything and is curious and interested in everything. She gets to have her blanket whenever she wants it.


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