Personal Update

Everyone is nearly over the Jewish cold. There is still some sniffling and coughing, but its pretty much done here. Finally.

Really didn't want to work on the blog today. Think I've forgotten how to relax
BG is home tomorrow. The keeps with her perfect record of not ever attending day care for a full week. Fine by me :)
Again, I really appreciate the help with Dropbox. Since I'm most folks tech support guy, this service will be invaluable to all of us. Google Docs is nice, but the 1GB file limit has its problems. Besides, now everyone has a 2.2GB backup drive in the sky and that is always a good thing.

Also gonna pimp On Site Movie Nite again. Hopefully someone will get a chuckle. It wasn't exactly hard, but none of this stuff is "just click that" easy either. You wouldn't believe a pain it is to change that baby pic ;)

The Management

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