Ask Grandpop–Tech Test

embeded HD test failed. no fit 4x3 monitors
html5 checked

New embedded player. very nice. Reading my tech notes? shoula used noteppad...
Try This At Home! right click on that vid and hit "Take Speed Test".
Wonder why Google has a monthly record of my YouTube speed? Seems a little... odd. I mean, it makes sense. I can see why they would, but thats a whole lot of resources to use. Um... maybe not 4 google :)
Glad they are sharing at least.

Anyway, looks like we're ready to roll. YouTube is fast(er) and easy since its overhaul. So, blah-blah, Ask Grandpop, blah. I wanted to do a bit more "role playing" on the blog, but it ended up in the show. Maybe I'll do some later.

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