I did what now?

Um… Hold the phone. 1st off, yeah, brace for more Project Ask Grandpop crap. 2nd, it looks like I’ve only been doing this for a week. It REALLY feels like its been longer. A LOT LONGER. Okay, here’s the funny part:

I’ve produced 23 minutes of animated content in a week. Alone. An actual CG TV show. LOL This is has got to be how South Park is done these days. That’s why they can turn around such timely pieces.

I’ve looked at the PC version of Xtranormal (horribly named “State”. Try @#%#ing Googling that!). You COULD make South Park with that. I’d be on board with it but… its barely functional. Its their side project. The website “Text-to-Movie” has much newer tech than State. With the Geico commercial thing, I don’t see that priority changing any time soon. The site’s always been twitchy, but this weekend was brutal. Twitter says they’ve got a big boost in traffic. I actually lost a whole completed episode yesterday. It was a short one, but still about 4hrs. work.

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