Kinect released

Everyone else on the ‘net ran this story, so I might just as well too. My way.


  1. Why can't they just make something good and leave it?

  2. You wouldn't want that. We'd all be driving Model T cars and listening to Lawrence Welk on the radio all day. Nearly everything can be improved or adapted to different uses. PCs get faster, Baseball bats hit farther, and the microwave oven? Well, that came out of research into radar!

    Innovation is a beautiful thing. Yeah, there are a lot of failures, but we won't know if we don't try.

    This is also why I mod a lot of my stuff. I take a product made for "everyone" and tune it for "me".

    Except for screws! Leave screws alone! I shouldn't need a flathead, philips head, torx head, security bits #6,7,and 10, and a Philips #0 screwdrivers to open up a damn Mac laptop!