IP Violator Witchhunt Continues

In Iceland, a few kids (aged 15-20) were jailed for running a BitTorrent site. One claims not to have been fed for 28 hours.
It turns out the United States wrote Spain’s anti-piracy law. This was suspected all along.
Joe Lieberman is looking to shut down Wikileaks due to the fact that they have infringed on copyrighted material from the US Government.
After winning the Youtube copyright case, Google has launched a new system to make it easier to submit DMCA takedown request.
Next time on IP Witchhunt: NBC merges with Comcast. Netflix traffic is throttled then capped. Legislators (or those who pay for them) still want neither Net Neutrality nor revisions to the DMCA.
Its turning into a police state out there. In a decade, the Internet will be as useful at getting you content from “everyman” as your cable box is.

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