Pirate Party Wins 15 Seats in German Parliamentary Election

As associations claiming to act in the best interests of “artists” continue to wine and dine elected officials around the world in an attempt to monitor and censure global communications via secret treaties, it should come as no surprise that We The People are taking notice and moving to act.

File:Logo Piratenpartei Deutschland 3D.svgThe growing world-wide political movement known as The Pirate Party has just claimed a rather unexpected victory in Germany. First results of the 2011 Berlin state parliamentary elections show the Pirates have claimed 9% of the counted votes securing them 15 seats. This is nearly double the 5% minimum required to enter parliament that the Pirates were hoping for. The Pirate Party has, to date, already secured over 50 members in elected offices in Germany; More than all other countries combined.

How does this change the political landscape in Germany? TorrentFreak spoke with Sebastian Nerz, Chairman of the German Pirate Party:

"We are going to demonstrate that it is possible to conduct a transparent approach to politics. Traditionally politics are a secret ‘no trespassing’ area. Meetings are held behind closed doors, agendas and protocols are closed, treaties are not being published,” Nerz told TorrentFreak.

“We will demonstrate that it is possible to openly and truthfully inform the citizens what is going on, what alternatives are possible and why a certain path has been chosen. We will demonstrate that citizens can be integrated into the fact-finding and path-choosing methods. Why not ask citizens about their opinion before you decide? Its well worth a try!”

Check out the full story on TorrentFreak. For more information about the Pirate Party in your country, please visit www.pp-international.net

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