App Store Deals for iOS and Android

money smileI haven’t done an App Store deal post for a while and there were several things that caught my eye, so…


Mirror’s Edge (iPad or iPhone) is free. Down from $10. EA’s cult classic parkour sim reimagined as side scrolling platformer. An amazing game for the price!

Google’s 10 Billion Download sale continues with Game Dev Story, Sentinel 3, Farm Frenzy, and more for $0.10 each!

SpellTower (iOS universal) is $1. Down from $2. This Tetris meets Scrabble word game has been a huge hit! For a little behind the scenes info, check out Ars Technica’s piece on how creator Zach Gage hated word games.

Zombie Gunship (iOS universal) is free. Was $1. You are the gunner of an AC-130 aiding survivors during the zombie apocalypse the CDC keeps warning us about. Updated with snazzy new AirPlay support.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory (iOS universal) is $1. Namco’s WWI flight combat game down from $5.

EPOCH. (iOS universal) is $3. Down from $6. This is a cover based 3rd person shooter reimagined for touchscreens. What Infinity Blade did for melee, EPOCH. does for gunplay.


SkySafari 3 (iOS universal) is free. Down from $1. One of  the best astronomy apps out there.

Google’s 10 Billion Download sale brings us music ID service Shazam Encore and Toddler Spanish for a dime each.

Piano II (iPad) is free. Down from $1. If you haven’t tried a piano app before, you really should. They are wonderful. Piano II’s unique feature is that it can display 2 mirrored keyboards allowing 2 people to play head-to-head on 1 iPad.

123D Sculpt (iPad) is free. Always has been, but I still think it’s a great app. Don’t let my bad art scare you off.

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