Gaming Prose No More; GamePro Shuts its Doors

magazine-gamepro-battletoadsLaunching in 1989, GamePro has long been a mainstay of magazine racks. A must have for console gamers throughout the 1990s, GamePro was always on the cusp of cool. Writers sported animated avatars and wrote under pseudonyms like “Boba Fatt” or “Fart of War”. The ProTips section of the magazine saved many a SNES cartridge from meeting an untimely fate with a hammer. Codevault provided cheats for the toughest of challenges back before unlocks came in the form of microtransactions.

Sadly those times are over. Ars Technica is reporting that GamePro is going the way of the dodo. The final issue of the magazine is now on newsstands and the website will go offline December 5th. While it is heartbreaking to think of anyone losing their job this time of the year, catering to what is perhaps the most Internet connected audience in the world with a print magazine just doesn’t pay the bills. I’m sure that a free subscription of Game Informer being available with GameStop’s $15 Power Up rewards card probably doesn’t help matters.

Farewell, GamePro. Thanks for getting me through BattleToads.

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