PlayStation Vita Launches in Japan: First News Roundup

Sony’s latest portable video game system, the PlayStation Vita, launched in Japan on December 16th. We unleashed a flurry of Google-Fu on the ol’ Intertubes to round up the real look at Sony’s latest player in the mobile gamespace.

Sporting  a quad-core processor, a 5" touchscreen, rear touchpad, and support for motion control, the first question in the mind of this technophile is “What do the inside look like?” Fortunately, Pocket News turned an arsenal of tools on the gaming gadget to satisfy our curiosity.


Sweet! See the full gallery over on Pocket News.

PSX-Scene shows us the first homebrewed app running on a hacked Vita using a little exploit in the systems PSP emulation.


Finally, we have, of course, the main event itself. While Vita videos are popping up all over YouTube, I really took a shine to skyghene22’s series showcasing the many features of this system.

You can see more on skyghene22’s YouTube Channel.

Update: Kotaku has compiled their coverage of the Vita.

So… Yeah. That’s the Playstation Vita launch. You can practically hear the crickets. Nobody quoting fist weekend sale numbers. No crazy photos of lines wrapping around stores. The Vita is a sexy piece of hardware but it is looking more and more like dedicated gaming devices requiring $50 pieces of software may be a thing of the past, especially considering the soft launch of the 3DS. Thoughts?

Update 2: Finally! While most of the news has centered around the technical problems caused by a day 1 patch to the system (just doesn’t pay to be an early adopter anymore!),Cruchgear is citing a Famitsu report that states the Vita pushed 321,407 units on December 17-18. That would be one heck of a good launch! Strange that Sony is pounding their chest about that.  This whole launch has been strangely quiet…

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