Predicting 2012: Technology

pop.fortune.teller.in_.hands_To celebrate the first week of this new year we sacrificed an unopened Gundam model upon an altar of red ringed Xboxes and gaze into the future of the year ahead.

All this week, we’ll be featuring five predictions from each of the worlds of Internet, Anime, Technology, and Gaming that will shape the year ahead. Or will they? To lend some perspective, I’ve asked The Mrs, contributing columnist The Great One, and Steve Santy's Magic 8-Ball to weigh in on each topic.

Today we guess at the technology that will shape the year that is to come.

R.I.M. upper management gutted – Between the failure to re-engage customers with the latest Blackberry handsets and the horrible debacle of the PlayBook, Research in Motion’s entire high level management structure is retooled and replaced shortly after fiscal year end. If their job title starts with a “C” and end with an “O”, they’re toast.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: Yeah
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Definitely

    A major manufacturer produces a consumer grade 3D printer for $999 – Inevitable. Gonna happen next year. I am going out on a limb and guessing… HP. For less than a grand, you’ll be able to print your own plastic stuff.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: I’d like for that to happen
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Ask again later  

    There will be no Apple television on sale in 2012 – While many are saying that an Apple branded television set will arrive this year, I am unpredicting™ that this will not happen. Or something like that…

  • The Mrs. Says: No, it can’t be so
  • The Great One: I don’t see why they would ever do that
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: My sources say no

    Kindle Fire becomes the tablet sales leader – Following a yawn inducing launch of the next iPad, Amazon’s spunky little tablet gathers even more steam and becomes the #1 selling tablet for 2012.

  • The Mrs. Says: Yes
  • The Great One: Yeah, I think Kindle’s gonna take over.
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook not so good

    Voice activated microwave goes on sale – Voice recognition technology gets hotter! The first commercially available voice controlled microwave gets geeks everywhere ordering “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”

  • The Mrs. Says: No
  • The Great One: Nope. No way
  • Magic 8-Ball Says: Maybe
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