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As with movies, video game trailers are a popular form of advertising. You get a glimpse of the product, a sample of the setting, and a pinch of flavor. Usually. Then there are those times when a company just goes off its rocker and breaks the paradigm. It’s like when you watch an awesome commercial about unicorns in space and then realize that it was trying to sell you jeans.

In this Weekend Watchlist, we take a look at five great vids that may not be great commercials, but sure are great videos. These are not trailers for video gamers, but trailers for YouTubers. Viva la viral marketing!

First, we examine the strange and wonderfully promo trailer for Olly Low Poly and the Zombie Tower. For an iOS side-scrolling runner game, this fantastic video goes to some very strange places. Placing the game’s trademark low polygon zombies into real world video creates a strikingly whimsical short film that must be seen.

Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower Promo from Vladimir Tomin on Vimeo.

Next, we take a look at the latest project from one of the Mrs’ very favorite developers, Pendulo Studios. Pendulo is known for their library of high quality adventure games such as the Runaway series and the Game of the Year award winning title Yesterday. Rather than labor under the yoke of Big Business, the studio has elected to go the “crowdfunding” (think Kickstarter) route to self-publish for their next game, Day One. While Pendulo does drop some details on their upcoming project, they really took advantage of their new indie status to rant about the business of making games.

Sordahon’s Journey comes from South Peak Games, developers of the Two Worlds series. In preparation for the launch of their sequel, the tongue twisting Two Worlds II, South Peak produced a series of webisodes featuring the henchman of the game’s main villain as he copes with life, love, forging his own destiny, and being #2 in our modern world.

The embedded playlist below will take you through the first 7 parts of Sodahon’s Journey.

And now riveting the conclusion of Sordahan’s Journey.

Ya know, some days you just don’t want to be the hero. Some days to just want to sit and eat your breakfast in peace. Enter this trailer for the iOS RPG Across Age.

Finally, to hype the launch of the cyberpunk espionage thriller Deus Ex: Human Revolution, developer Eidos commissioned a documentary on Rob Spence, better known to the Internet as Eyeborg. Rob is a self proclaimed cyborg who lost an eye and replaced it with a wireless video camera. In this feature he examines the latest achievements in the world of cybernetics and prosthetics.

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