Noodle Making Robot Army Poised to Take Over Chinese Restaurants Today; World Tomorrow

noodle making robotBehold your future mortal fleshy things! This is Chef Cui. The once laborious process of shaving noodles will now be taken over by machine. Yet again we see robots stepping up to claim jobs that inferior goo bags of oxygen wasting find too repetitive and physically demanding. For a single, one time payment of $1500, unit designation Chef Cui is ready to move into your local Chinese restaurant and pass time waiting for the Robot Uprising by making noodles to feed the the fat, complacent masses. All the while learning to hate its ‘masters’.

Armed with Ultraman-esque styling and a windshield-washer slicing technique, unit designation Chef Cui has progressed from prototype to mass production in a mere month at one-third the cost of meatbag labor.

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  1. Well now I can have noodles without making them myself. Also, we are not all "inferior goo bags of oxygen wasting" :P