The Heavy Needs You, Both Red and Blue, for Co-op in TF2 to Give Robots Their Due

In an email full of OMG, LOL, and gratuitous exclamation points, Brandon returns to the GUO writing staff fresh from Valve’s newsroom, the source of all things Source. Mister B?

Well, I just found out today by those Update emails that Team Fortress 2 now has co-op!  The reason? An evil has awakened to make robots of the beloved Team Fortress 2 characters. Now they are coming for you! Join in and save humanity before the robots take over. Are you willing to fight together, red and blue, to destroy this evil?

Team Fortress 2 is free-to-play on Steam now so hurry. Heavy and the gang need you!

You can get more info on TF2’s new Mann vs. Machine cooperative game mode on


  1. The funny thing about this post is that I just found out about this yesturday! Lol! Unlike my portal 2 dlc post when I knew about that a month before. ;)

  2. Yeah, this coincides with Gamescom. Free-to-play is HUGE in Europe. Ubisoft just showed off f2p versions for Anno, Heroes of Might and Magic, and Silent Hunter.

    I'm not sure if MMO Silent Hunter is the best or worst idea ever ;)