Chinese Man Goes Fishing, Blows His Hands Off, Crafts Own Cyborg Replacements

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Chinese Iron ManThis is Sun Jifa, 51 years awesome, a farmer of Guanmashan in the Jilin province of northern China. One bright and sunny day, Sun decided to do a little fishing with his favorite lure: A homemade bomb. Sadly, while crafting his latest fish-stunning explosive, the bomb prematurely detonated. Sun Jifa lost both of his hands to the incident. Prosthetics available from the hospital were far too expensive for the humble farmer to afford.

Thus began Sun’s epic, eight year project to build new limbs himself. Many homemade prototypes existed along the way as Sun Jifa continued to to refine his own designs for replacement hands, all the while working his farm to feed his family. Sun’s latest design, made of scrap metal for “virtually nothing”,  features an internal wire and pulley system that allows this real life Iron Man to open and close the fingers of his mechanical hands using the movement of his elbows. Sun discusses the pros and cons of his new prosthetics with Daily Mail UK:

“I control them with movements from my elbows and I can work, love normally and feed myself just like anyone else.”… “The only drawback is that steel is quite heavy so they're tiring to wear and get hot or cold in the extremes of summer and winter.”

Satisfied with his latest design, this self-made cyborg plans to further develop his homemade design to help others who cannot afford more mainstream prosthetics. Sun Jifa: Humble farmer; Extreme fisherman; Improvising inventor; Real hero.

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