Shifty Look Gets the Ball Rolling with Katamari Web Comic


Katanari Damacy holds a special place in many gamer’s hearts. The quirky ball rolling simulator placed players in the pointy purdah of the puny Prince. When The King of All Cosmos accidentally smashes all the planets of the solar system, Prince is sent to Earth. His goal? To roll up all the crap on the planet into a giant ball to make a new set of planets. It was a joy filled, nonviolent, very Japanese game the has spawned numerous sequels across a half-dozen platforms.

Now Namco Bandai’s is rolling up a whole new fan base. Shifty Look, home to video game web comics such as Dig Dug and Xevious, has launched an all new comic devoted to the Prince’s adventures on Earth simply titled Katamari.

The first installment is out now with new episodes premiering every Monday and Wednesday on Shifty Look.

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