So I Dropped My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in the Toilet...

I had the unsettling experience of dropping my Samsung Galaxy S smart phone in the toilet yesterday.  It fell out of my pocket at work and I stood there watching as it began its life as an aquarium ornament.  I pulled it out as quickly as i could hoping that the "three second rule" that so many people apply to food would apply here.

I could not shut that phone off. The touch pad didn't work. The screen kept flickering. Then it began to ring. How can you answer the phone when the touch screen won't let you swipe it?  

I took it back to my desk. After wrestling with the cover for awhile, I was able to remove it and pry the battery out. I laid the back, the battery and the phone out on a paper towel to dry.  I have a desk fan which I turned on and let it run the air over the phone while I worked.

That evening I tried a trick I had heard. I put the phone in a Ziploc bag and covered it with uncooked rice to dry it out.  Then I sealed the bag and left it overnight.   

The next morning, I took the phone out of the bag.  Some of the rice grains had swelled up and the phone had a thin coating of rice dust on it.  I  brushed the dust off and reassembled the phone and powered it on.

Voila!  The phone powered up easily and no sign of the troubles it had caused earlier!


  1. Warning; not to be used as flotation device.

    Glad the rice worked. :)

  2. I think it is best to avoid having the smartphone around the toilet.