Toonami to Begin Airing in Asia in 2013. What Does a Channel based on an Anime Themed Block Show in Asia?

ANN is reporting that Cartoon Network’s anime themed block of programming, Toonami, is being promoted to its own channel and exported to Southeast Asia for a 2013 release. So, riddle me this Reader-man: What do you show on a channel based on an Asian themed programming block when it airs in Asia? Why, Western created super heroes of course!batman-brave-bold

“Slated to launch in early 2013 across screens in Southeast Asia, Toonami, together with the debut of leading European channel, Cartoonito, will complement Turner's existing bouquet which includes Asia's number one kids' channel, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and POGO.

Sunny Saha, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Entertainment Networks, Turner International Asia Pacific Limited said, “The addition of Toonami and Cartoonito means that Turner will now offer a robust kids' entertainment experience for all ages and interests. We're bringing two of Turner's highly successful international brands to Asia to meet a growing demand for premium quality action-adventure and younger-skewing content.”

Toonami, which is based on the hit programming block of the same name on Cartoon Network in the US, is a 24-hour action and anime destination designed for viewers seeking a full tilt, over the top, rollercoaster ride of adventure, quips, drama and a whole lot more. The multiplatform, multi-language channel will feature an expansive line-up of top-rating series including Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Dragon Ball Z.”

…and Dragon Ball Z. Of course.

Toonami may be thought of as a home for anime, bringing fan favorites such as Cowboy Beebop, Tenchi Muyo, The Big O, and several Gundam series to broadcast television,  this is hardly the first time super heroes have crashed the party. Originally billed (and occasionally re-billed throughout Toonami’s 15 year lifespan) as a general action block of programming, Toonami has hosted super powered adventures from Batman, The Powerpuff Girls, and the Teen Titans in previous years. And Dragon Ball Z. Always with the Dragon Ball Z.

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