Waiting in Line to Drop Test the iPhone 5 | Weekend Watchlist

iphone dominosYesterday was a big day for Apple fans and mobile electronic aficionados as the iPhone 5 hit retail outlets. While thousands stormed their local Apple stores on launch day, hundreds took to their local streets and shopping malls days before to ensure that they would be among the earliest of the early adopters. In this edition of the Weekend Watchlist GUO salutes those warlords of waiting, the gladiators of gotta have it, the apex of Apple fans, as we take a look at the lines and the release of the iPhone 5.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt counted 820 people in his line for the iPhone 5, double his count from the iPhone 4s launch. These numbers match reported preorder sales that show the iPhone 5 racking up 2 million in the first 24 hours, double the 1 million preorders for the iPhone 4s.

America is far from the only home of geeks going ga-ga for gadgets. Here’s some ride-by footage of the iPhone 5 launch at the Covent Garden Apple store in London.

For some, the the iPhone 5 release wasn’t just a big day, it was a big WEEK! Here’s a shot of the first line sitters in from the New York’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store five days before release.

Again, please hold all American jokes until the end. Our next stop is Toronto's Eaton Centre Apple store to with Darrell Etherington as he talks to the first three folks in line about their past, present, and future with the world’s most valuable company

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t wait in line! I’ve got stuff to, but I have more money than sense and NEED The New iPhone on day 1. If only there was a way…”

We hear ya! And so does TaskRabbit, Zaarly, and several other sites who are willing to trade their time for your money. Cnet goes on site to interview one such entrepreneur sitting in line for the iPhone 5 who won’t even be taking the device home.

So, you’re one of the first in an army of millions with the hottest toy on the playground. What’s first on your list of things to do? You guessed it! In the grandest tradition of the Internet, it’s time for an unboxing video!

After a 15 hour wait in line, TechSmartt shares his enthusiasm with us as he opens up this week’s hottest gadget for the first time.

You know what else we do with the hot new gadget here in Internetville? That’s right! We destroy it!


  1. Whoopee, another 'new' phone, functionally identical to the old one. Did they at least fix the 'can't hold it like most humans hold a phone and make calls' bug?

  2. LOL, you better believe they did. Apple had to give away half-arsed cases that much have set them back $0.25 on that debacle.

    It's fun to see people excited over stuff! And, more importantly, it's just a matter of time before we have delightful new YouTube vids of iPhone 5s in blenders and microwaves!