Your Next Boss Could Be a Teleconferencing Robot Head on Wheels

double roboticsDouble Robotics is now  taking pre-orders for their first device, the Double. In the simplest of terms, the Double is a two-wheeled, remote controlled stand for your iPad. Easily driven via an app on your favorite iOS device or PC, the Double threatens to allow sunbathing bosses to drive their FaceTiming selves right up to your desk and into your conference rooms without that slacker ever getting out of the lounge chair. Armed with an eight hour battery and five feet of telescopic height, Double is able to hound even the busiest of office employees all day long. Unless they go down stairs.

Double is now in the process of accepting pre-orders for the upcoming device with an expected ship date sometime in December 2012 for $1,999 ($500 less than the planned retail price) and does not include the iPad itself.

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