Discover Who Bought Your Congressman at OpenSecrets.Org

election contributorsEver wonder who’s been buying lunch for the latest headline making U.S. politician? Wonder no more! Thanks to campaign finance reform and those hard working database wizards at OpenSecrets.Org, your answers are a couple clicks away. All the dirt you could ever want is available via one little search box. Campaign contributions, lobbying , even special interest groups. Search by politician or company. Everything is laid bare with easy to understand graphs and is fully hyperlinked making snooping on The Man as easy as surfing the web.

How much did Google spend on lobyists? $9.8million, making them #7 out of 3,982. How many folks in congress own shares of Comcast? 20, and here’s the list. How much does Apple spend influencing American politics? Surprisingly little.

Before you head to the polls (or the water cooler), follow the money trail at OpenSecrets.Org

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