Have a Papercrafty Halloween! | Weekend Watchlist

LittleFellaHollidays are great excuses to whip out the construction paper and scissors to get a little artsy-crafty. Making costumes or jack-o-lanterns tend to get all the glory on Halloween and papercrafty party practitioners can really come into their own with delightfully devilish decoration designs.

In this Halloween edition of the Weekend Watchlist we’ll be taking a look at how to assemble all sorts of creepy critters. Dead trees rise from the grave in our origami and papercraft salute to Halloween!

Pro Tip: Some of these crafty instructional videos can run quite long and be rather involved. Don’t forget to pause, rewind, and rewatch as needed! Trying to follow along in real-time is just going to make you nuts!

We kick off this Watchlist that way every video collection should start: With Minecraft! Before&After TV has created this fantastic mask of Minecraft’s protagonist Steve. All you need is scissors, paper, glue stick, a box, and whole lot of printer ink (Pro Tip: Office supply and print shops can laser print PDFs for just a couple of bucks. As a bonus, color laser printing doesn’t smudge like inkjets).

For the written companion to this piece and to download the PDF patterns, go to SteveLange.net

Another Halloween, another pumpkin shortage. For our next project we turn to the Queen of Crafts, Martha Stewart with the solution.

Looking for an alternative to all that cutting and punching? Check out I <3 Origami’s amazing looking (and amazingly hard!) origami jack-o-lantern.

HappyPuppyTruffles does A LOT of origami! She’s been running the Daily Origami series for years now. You do the math. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel for tons more origami. There’s even a whole playlist for Halloween origami. Below are just a couple of our favorite projects.

Don’t forget the most important part of Halloween: The candy! Before all those sweets end their final journey in your tummy, you’ll need some place to stash ‘em. How about this creepily adorable black cat candy holder? For added pun points, stuff with Kit-Kats!

Jeremy has a ton of Halloween origami. This episode begins with a recap of his ghoulishly great projects before showing you how to make your very own vampire teeth. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for a bunch more more!

What’s that? Not horrible enough for you? Very well, how do you feel about disemboweled zombies? Yeah, thought that’d getcha. Here’s Wired’s Peter Rubin with origami zombie Seymour Guts from the book Zombigami . Sorry mobile surfers, this one is Flash only.

Finally, we conclude this papertastic Weekend Watchlist tribute to Halloween with the creepiest paper model of all. This “moving scupture” optical illusion turns to watch your every move. Get the printable PDF pattern here and be sure to check out all the amazing paper models at RavensBlight.com. They even have Halloween board games!

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