£20,000 RFID Enabled Scrabble Board Brings Championship Play Live to the World

SONY DSCThe Prague Mindsports Festival has pulled out all the stops (and pennies from their piggy bank) in their quest to bring champion level Scrabble to the world live via the ‘Net. In what may very well be the highest tech boardgame translation ever, the folks at Mind Sports International (MSI) have embedded every Scrabble tile in the game with an radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip. The complimenting board and trays are where the real magic happens. It takes 225 RFID antennas to read every space on the board. This information is captured by the nine mainboards inside and relayed back to a central system where a real-time recreation of the gameboard is presented alongside streaming HD footage of the players. As for the customizable LED lighting around the board… Well, that just makes it look cool!

MSI’s CEO explains "Our goal was to help bring popular Scrabble tournaments to life, whilst reaching a wider audience by capturing tournament play in a technologically advanced and engaging manner.”

The Prague MindSports Festival is running December 1st through the 4th featuring classic games like Bridge, Backgammon, Poker, Scrabble, and Risk. New gaming hotness will also be represented in the form of League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. For more information, game schedules, and live streams, check out www.PragueMindSportsFestival.com.

Microsoft Turns the Other Cheek in New Internet Explorer Viral Video

TROLLS---1992-001No one likes trolls. How much of the Internet’s storage space do you think is taken up by the irrational, unproductive ravings of hate mongering forum posters just looking to spoil some fanboy’s fun? I bet it’s a lot! I’m also willing to be that an easy 20% of that would be single line digs at Microsoft’s “Internet Exploder” web browser. Yup, right up there with any mention of the iPhone or a picture of a girl with cat ears. Geez, you’d think nerds of all people would know better.

Now imagine that your day job is hammering away at MS’ publicly ridiculed window to the web. Imagine that you had a chance to create IE’s next viral marketing campaign aimed squarely at those who have wasted gigabytes of data slandering the very app you and your buddies work so hard on. What would you say? Would you give back all the venom you’ve been subjected to, or would you play it Ghandi style? I think it’s safe to say which way most of us would go.

In their latest YouTube video, the team behind Internet Explorer does the unthinkable. The IE dudes take clear aim at the Internet’s most unwelcoming of netizens not with anger or disgust, but acceptance. In the process they reminds us all that it’s okay to change you mind.

In a move of the greatest irony, the caretakers of IE’s YouTube channel have disabled comments for this video, but I guess we all know what they’d say.

On a related note, if you’re one of those classic geeks out there who understands the mystical language of Code, do check out the outrageously funny Karaoke Web Standard from “The Browser You Loved to Hate”.

Apple’s Steve Wozniak is Stabbin’ Suckas with Danny Trejo in Vengeance: Woz With A Coz

Well, this finally happened: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has taken to the “mean streets” to pump bad guys full of lead in his first video game appearance. Not bizarre enough? He’s teaming up with the terrifically terrifying giant Mexican movie man Danny Trejo (Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete, and…er, Spy Kids) for the iOS video game tie-in to Trejo’s upcoming film, Vengeance.

In this 16-bit styled runner game, The Wizard of Woz must shoot, stab, slide, and jump his way through the many levels of Fusion City to recuse his wife, J-Woz, from the clutches of Ricardo White. Armed with his trusty translator app, Woz fully voices his own character with authentic Spanish exclamations upon death such as “Tortillas!” or “Chihuahua…” So… not only is one of the founding fathers of home computing now a violent video game character, but a racist one. Yay?

woz with a causeVengeance: Woz with Cause boasts a storyline written by Steve himself, multiple upgradable weapons, secret crosses to find, big boss battles, and the ability to swap between Wozniak and Trejo during your revenge fueled murder spree across Fusion City.

Vengeance: Woz with Cause is $0.99 on iTunes.

Om Nom Nom and Eat Up… Your $50 iPhone Case?


Sick of Thanksgiving leftovers? Chow down on this rice cracker iPhone case!

Be it nuclear proliferation, natural disasters, Aztec calendars, broadband metering, or plain ol’ zombie apocalypse, mankind is constantly teetering on the brink of extinction. You need to be ever watchful for opportunities to secure food, water, and shelter at all times. Fortunately Mariko of ikiiki-ys.com has your back on the food securing front. Behold the “Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case”!

Inspiration struck Mariko a month ago. Being a senbei (Japanese rice cracker) artist, Mariko longed for a way to make the tasty snack hip again rather than allowing it to languish under the stigma of being “old people food”. Her solution? This lovingly handcrafted iPhone 5 case. Perfect for the hip, happening, and all too used to paying through the nose for accessories!

Sadly, the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case isn’t so great at actually protecting your pocket pal. The website is very upfront with customers about the likelihood of this tasty case breaking in a variety of circumstances such as:

・Before arrival: 9%
・Affixing to iPhone 5: 76%
・Using touch screen: 18%
・Touched by friend: 81%
・Turning up the volume: 50%
・Connecting to PC: 54%
・When the user is upset or annoyed: 65%
・Putting in pocket: 89%
・When dropped: 120%

960最終None the less, Mariko states the probability of the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case being delicious is 100% and great for protecting you from the munchies. Seeing as how honest they are about durability, I can’t imagine their yumminess chances being wrong.

You can order the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case direct from Mariko at ikiiki-ys.com for 3,818 yen (that’s almost $47 US!), but be prepared for a wait. Every case is handmade by Mariko herself and she’s only cranking out three a day. Delivery times are already running over a month.

Pentagon Decides Robots Won’t Kill People, People Will

110204-F-1162D-019Advancements is autonomous weapon systems have been on a lot of people’s minds lately (Thank you, Call of Duty: Black Ops II). From armed Predator drones to the Navy’s new X-47B unmanned stealth fighter (pictured right), military robots with a license to kill are rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to science fact. While the U.S. military hasn’t quite the technology to go all Skynet on the world yet, forward thinking military minds are already making sure that who lives and dies isn’t going to be decided strictly by the numbers.

On November 21st, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter signed a directive which makes it clear that it is the policy of the Department of Defense that “Autonomous and semi-autonomous weapon systems shall be designed to allow commanders and operators to exercise appropriate levels of human judgment over the use of force.” Not only will this policy keep the killing in the hands of creatures with a conscience, but will lessen the risk from cyber attacks on autonomous vehicles that could lead to a loss of control. You think it’s bad a virus can lock down your hard drive? Imagine if it hijacked your stealth fighter!

You can read the full Department of Defense directive on autonomy in weapon system for yourself over at Crytome.org.

LEGO: The Lord of the Rings Live Stream | Twitchy Tuesday

LEGOLOTRThe cast of Growing Up Otaku had a blast during our Scribblenauts live stream last week that we’re doing it again! The streaming part that is. This week we’re taking a look at what happens when two well loved yet well worn franchises splice genes. Spoiler alert: Great fun! We were so impressed with Traveler’s Tales latest LEGO title that we’re bringing it to you live. We’ve ironed out the bugs from our maiden broadcast, added some new tech, and caffeinated the hamsters running our equipment, so this should be a much smoother (and more accessible) show.

Join The Mrs. and myself as we embark on an epic quest to collect uncountable numbers of LEGO studs and chuck jewelry at volcanoes in this perfectly plastic, family-friendly retelling of the Tolkien classic.

The show is over, but you can catch a recording of our live play through of The Two Towers after the page break. In this episode you’ll find out that Brandon makes us hungry for Chinese food, Elizabeth indiscriminately wields the ban hammer, and bragging about your Internet connection live causes it to die.

Sword Art Online brings Online Gaming to Life through Anime | AniMaiden'd

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live in an online game, Sword Art Online brings to life a world where this is possible. This anime series visits this concept with an intriguing story line and is based on the light novel series by Reki Kawahara, The first episode was aired on July 7th 2012 and is currently showing on Crunchyroll.

The story takes place in 2022 and begins with players logging into play an online gaming system that is still in beta.   When the game finally goes live, the players find out that the creator of SAO has designed the  game so that if any player's avatar dies while playing the game, the player will die in the real world and any player that attempts to log off and remove the visor and helmet they are wearing to play this game, will also die.

The story seems to be fairly straight forward when it starts but as it continues, the plot twists and turns quite nicely. Characters can be killed off during the game play and even important characters can die unexpectedly. The personalities are developed in interesting directions that keep viewers watching. The artwork is beautiful and works well with the animation to make a very beautiful world come to life. 

In the unreal worlds of Sword Art Online, very real questions about life become the focus. As the main characters, Kirito and Asuna develop through the story, they explore life and what is truly important. They face some surprising challenges as they discover who the creator of SAO is and as the show progresses, new surprises are around every corner.

There are 24 episodes and they are scheduled to run through the end of the year.  Be sure you don't miss this one on Crunchyroll.

Making Sure The “New Spacecraft Smell” Doesn’t Damage Spacecraft | Out Of This World Weekly

By now, we all have experienced that “New Car” smell associated with new cars, electronics, and other select products.  What many of us don’t know is that this smell isn’t a good thing.  While it does mean that the product is newly manufactured and most likely unused, the smell itself can be dangerous.  The smell is a product of Outgassing, where atoms, ions, or molecules have adsorbed to the surface of the product and are now re-entering the air around the product.  The reason “New Car Smell” doesn’t smell like anything else in nature is because it is not natural.  It is most likely the result of a combination of extremely harsh chemicals from epoxies, lubricants, solvents, and paints.  These combinations of chemicals can be dangerous to humans and also to complex equipment like spacecraft.  Luckily, a team of NASA engineers have developed a new way of neutralizing these gases and protecting us from the effects of outgassing. 

Leftover Turkey | Weekend Watchlist

Tired of turkey? Tough! This Weekend Watchlist we’re talkin’ turkey ‘bout turkeys!

First stop, The White House where President Obama  grants the traditional Thanksgiving pardon to Cobbler, this years Thanksgiving entre’. This video is the official release video from the U.S. Government.

For American Thanksgiving, GUO Presents A Quad-Rotor Turkey That Drops Pumpkin Pie

Utah Aerials cobbled together coat hangers, zip ties, poster board, and a remote controlled quad-copter to create this homemade, dessert laden UAV. So…^^title^^. Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s Inside Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity Cube? Spam

curiosity spam22 Cans, the new game design studio from visionary designer Peter Molyneux, embarked on a bold experiment this month with their first title “Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube”. The free mobile app for iOS and Android invites players to co-operatively chip away and a massive digital cube billions of “cubelets” in size. At the center waits a secret that only a single person will ever see. A secret Molyneux has described as “life-changingly amazing by any definition.” In spite of occasional server overload, Curiosity boasts more than 920,000 players working together to chip away at the boulder in one of the largest online co-operative projects yet.

curiosity kickstater spamEvery few layers a picture will appear on the normally monochromatic cube. Previous picture layers have included stained glass Biblical scenes, model airplane instructions, the Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath, pages from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, and a 360 panorama of a walled desert city. On Wednesday, November 21st another of the Curiosity cube’s rare picture level’s was reveled. In a change from the wonderful and whimsical images presented previously, this latest level was a blatant six-panel advertisement for Molyneux’s own Kickstarter campaign to fund a video game.


Your Brain Sounds Like Free Jazz Piano Music

Soon to be performing in a coffee shop near you, give it up for Your Brain!

journal.pone.0049773.g008Chinese researchers have measured and translated the pip-pop-dzop of your gray matter’s brainwaves into music fans of future jazz are sure to be clamoring for. In 2009, the international open access research journal PLOS ONE took a stab (figuratively) at translating EEG readings into music. This new attempt doubles down on the data by combining readings from both an EEG and fMRI. This new EEG-fMRI music better reflects the actual workings of the human brain. It is hoped that the analysis of brain based music can be used to further unravel the mysteries of the mind and could be useful in new bio-feedback therapies.

This is the 30 second performance of Subject A  (a 31-year-old woman) at rest.

And this lively ditty is 30 seconds of Subject B’s (a 14-year-old girl) brain at rest.

Subject C (a 2-year-old female) would not rest and instead responded with a song that went something like “But I don’t waaannaaaaa!”

For the full, educated explanation as to the science and methodology behind this experiment or to download MP3s of this mind made music, check out the full article on PLOS ONE.

Finally, Scribblenauts Comes to the PC! And We’re Streaming It Live!

scribblenautsSure, people love their Halos and Calls o’ Duties, but me… I LOVE SCRIBBLENAUTS!!! Long time GUO readers know that I am the naughtiest scribe to never scribble naught. Thus it gives me great joy to announce that the epic puzzle sandbox word game Scribblenauts is making its way to the PC where it can finally be enjoyed with the peripheral it was always destined to be played with: A keyboard!

Much more than more of the same, Scribblenauts Unlimited now includes a story mode, open worlds, and an object creator that allows you to take your twisted creativity to whole new levels. All out of ideas? Borrow someone else’s creativity using Steam Workshop.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is now on sale for Windows based PCs for the very reasonable price of $30 at your favorite retail and online software stores. 3DS and Wii U versions are also available if your prefer to roll Nintendo style.

Obviously such an event of geektastic proportions deserves a little hoopla. As such, GUO is taking our first stab at this whole live streaming thing that’s all the rage. Join The Mrs. and myself as we take our first steps into the puzzling new world of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Update: Show’s over, but you can catch a replay of the fun at after the page break or at our Twitch.tv page. Feel free to skip around in the video as we had some technical foibles getting started and had to restart the stream at about the 1hr40min mark. It was a full house as The Mrs, Brandon (via Facetime), myself, and the Twitch community came up with the craziest ideas possible to solve equally bizarre puzzles.

Only Have Eyes for Hello Kitty with H. Kit Contact Lenses

Hello kitty lensEye yay yay! Do you only have eyes for Sanrio’s merch maiden Hello Kitty? Maybe you’d like more Hello Kitty in your eyes! Yessir, H. Kit fans can finally proclaim their love for all things cute and Kitty at a glance with a colorful collection of Kitty faces ringing their eyes.

These non-prescription, vanity lenses are available now at sales outlets (such as Solution Lens for $19.90 a pair) in a variety of colors. But really, if you’re committed to this, pink is the only option you need.

hello kitty contacts

Martian Radiation Not Lethal To Humans | Out Of This World Weekly

The Curiosity Rover has been able to use the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) to determine that surface levels of radiation are not immediately lethal to humans.  Apparently, Mars’ light atmosphere reduces the radiation dose to less than what is encountered in interplanetary space.  The atmosphere actually thickens as the heat from the Sun warms it during the Martian day and this causes greater protection from the Sun’s radiation.  This is good news, as no other planetary body’s radiation levels have been monitored so closely and frankly, we weren’t exactly sure if an extended surface excursion on Mars would be deadly or not. 

Online F2P Mech Shooter Hawken Giving Out Beta Codes With Download of Free Comic

Hawken-Screenshot-11Okay, let’s see how much free we can freely pack into this free posting…

Long awaited free-to-play giant robot shooter Hawken is boarding the dropship for a December 12th deployment. In the meantime, they’re upping the ante with a comic adaptation of the game’s backstory in Hawken: Genesis. Because, ya know, we all need justification to jump-jet around in giant robots shooting people. Developer Adhesive Games (sticky!) has teamed up with digital comic distributor ComiXology (spelled funny!) to offer the first issue of this stomp-tastic new story for free. As a bonus, downloaders of the digital funny pages will find a code for access to the final stage of Hawken’s closed beta starting on November 20th.

ComiXology is a free service and available for Android, iOS, or on the web. A unified logon even allows you to take your collection across devices. The Mrs’ and I have used the service and have nothing but good things to say about it.

So, sign up for a free, cross-platform digital publication service and get a free comic with a free code for beta access to a free game. Just in time for the holiday bankruptcy!

Michael Jackson Takes Vice City Offline

michael-jackson-lightning-stage_1When Rockstar Games’ GTA: Vice City vanished from the Steam store, Gaming Blend went snooping:

“Looks like the block is from Sony Music Entertainment with the claim on a song from Michael Jackson called 'Wanna be Startin' Something' from Vice City's Fever 105 station. The content from SME and Warner Chappell has blocked the content on copyright grounds.”

This is hardly the first time record company shenanigans have caused grief for licensers in the video game realm. In recent years Bioshock, Hitman Contracts, and Rockstar’s own PSN release of GTA III have all done their time in limbo due to the machinations of these legendary swindlers.

Reports of the game’s disappearance from digital storefronts began surfacing in late October. Users that have already purchased the title from Steam are still free to download it, but this fourth chapter in the GTA series is not currently on sale. Even if you do own a Steam copy, you can probably expect a patch in the near future to remove the offending song from your game, whether you like it or not.

Yet another reminder that you don’t actually own anything in the cloud.

Denied Free Music, Pirate Wages War on Piracy

pirate warLast weekend an individual going by the handle of Zeiko began his crusade to take pirate torrent trackers offline. While Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against pirate torrent trackers are nothing new, Zeiko’s case certainly is. A far cry from the usual copyright protection agencies, this botnet bombardier appears to be a jilted pirate. Torrent Freak explains:

“A person using the nickname Zeiko is claiming responsibility for the DDoS action, which was initially intended to force What.cd staff into giving out an invite.

Zeiko joined IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to convince site staff that he already had an account, but when the admins couldn’t find any record of it in the database Zeiko turned his anger on the site.

Behind the Blog SE: Bizarre Spam Comment of the Day

Spam cosplayOkay, you guys absolutely need to see this one! It’s got everything! It’s heart-warning, full of good advice, and closes on a punch line so full of WTF that those three letters can barely contain it. The following is an actual comment posted to our article from last year entitled “Predicting 2012: Technology”. Only the links have been removed to protect the spammy.

Raising a child is hard work, and no amount of advice or preparation can change that. Preparation and knowledge can have an effect, though, on the results that hard being a parent work brings. A helpful tip at the right time can make the bringing up a child process much easier. Continue reading to get a few tips that might solve some child-rearing problems.

You can help your children understand the negative effects of bullying by sharing your experiences.
See what the school's policies are to ensure your kids know who can help them during the day.
Be sure that you put reflectors on your child's backpack and coat if they walk around during early morning or evening hours, no matter how old they are.
You can also purchase reflective fabric strips that you can attach with Velcro to other garments. This material can improve your child's safety when out on the road at night, reflecting their backpack off car lights.
Major outdoor outings should be carefully planned out in advance. By planning outdoor time, you show your kids the value of getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors while also avoiding the tendency to push back these special opportunities.

My page - ferret nation single-level ferret cage with ramps

14 Year-Old MMO EverQuest Preps to Release Its 19th Expansion

everquestSo, how ya doing today? Feeling young and spry? Goodness knows the grandfather of massively multiplayer online role-playing games sure is! Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is now taking preorders on the NINETEETH expansion pack, Rain of Fear, for the FOURTEEN year-old MMO RPG EverQuest. Yup, that EverQuest. No “II”, no “Next”, just good ol’ classic EQ. This upcoming expansion marks the 20th digital volume in the EverQuest saga!

The figures about what this expansion brings to the well-trodden land of Norrath is almost as shocking as the continuing legacy of EQ itself:

  • Level cap increase to 100
  • 1800 new spells
  • 3500 new items
  • 3000 new recipes
  • 110 new quests
  • 13 new raids
  • 9 new zones
  • 19 new missions

Also of note is the “continued opportunity to kill off Halflings”. Woo-hoo!

Think no-one is still interested in this game that created the foundation for online gaming before anyone ever put a World in front of Warcraft? You’re dead wrong. Brace yourself to be shocked full of shock with more electrifying numbers! Since a transition to free-to-play earlier this year EverQuest has seen a 150% increase in unique log-ins and Norrath’s population at any given moment 40% more than last year. New user registration is up a whopping 350%.

While you can get in on all the EverQuesting goodness, from the original content all the way through the 18th expansion, for the bargain price of free, the upcoming Rain of Fear pack will set you back $40-60.

Get more details and preorder Rain of Fear here or freely jump into the other 19 parts of EverQuest here.

Feeling nostalgic? Below is the original, long since removed, intro video from the first release of EverQuest in 1999.

Silent Yet Deadly: Monster Truck Bigfoot Goes Electric

bigfoot-evNisan Leaf owners, eat your hearts out. The latest incarnation of famed monster truck Bigfoot, the 20th in a long line of car-crushing vehicles to sport that name, has done the unthinkable: It’s gone electric. Taking EVs to new heights, Bigfoot #20 is built from a new fiberglass fame necessary to support the 1,375 pounds of batteries needed to power the metal mashing monster.

…and how adorable is it that a monster truck sounds just like a RC car now Winking smile

Bigfoot #20 is an experimental model and not destined to see much action in monster truck events. This prototype Bigfoot EV "will be used in static displays and parades, but as we become more experienced with the electric power unit, battery maintenance, controller adjustments, drive lines and weather, our fans may just see it perform car crushes or even compete in monster truck shows."

Source: Earth Techling

NASA Can Text or Email You When the Space Station is Overhead

issOh, what a world we live in! Not only do we have a flying science lab built by people all around the world spinning around 200 miles above the ground, but now you can sign up to be notified exactly when it will be over your house with just a couple clicks.

Spot the Station is NASA’s new service that will clue you in on exactly when and where to turn you gaze to the sky for a glimpse at the International Space Station. They’ll even make sure you only get notified of “good” sighting opportunities by making sure the ISS is a viewable position and for enough time to see it. Alerts can be sent to your choice of email addresses or texted to your phone via SMS.

Think the ISS can’t be seen from the ground? Think again! The Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky and actually looks like a high flying plane from the ground.

Get more information or sign up at spotthestation.nasa.gov. Don’t feel like waiting? Try NASA’s interactive Photosynth of the ISS here.

Selective Laser Melting To Be Used In Space Applications | Out Of This World Weekly

Many of us have heard about 3D Printing and it’s advantages for printing out a variety of complex plastic shapes.  Selective Laser Melting (SLM) allows similar shapes to be created through a 3D computer aided design program but instead of plastic, the shapes are created in metal.  This metal is welded together from metal powder using a powerful laser in an inert gas chamber.  The result is a fully formed piece of metal that is just as strong or stronger than it could have been made with any other process.  This is a great advantage to the space industry, which needs high strength and high precision parts that do not fail due to microscopic defects.  NASA has already announced that this new technology may be used on the Space Launch System (SLS), which is the next generation of American heavy lift rockets.  Perhaps even at some point in the future, an entire rocket could be laser welded together with only a few parts made from special materials added later to finish it off. 

Ride the Lightning with Tesla Coil Musical Performances | Weekend Watchlist

SONY DSCMake sure you’re properly insulated, because lightning is striking all over this edition of the Weekend Watchlist! We’re busting out the electronica and steampunky lightning throwers as GUO goes in search of musical performances powered by lightning bolt throwing Tesla coils. With some of these machines sparking off at more than 500,000 volts, there’s no stopping ‘till we hit 1.21 gigawatts!

Our first stop is the Temple of Tesla concert where the Tesla Orchestra is throwing down with The Primordial Booze.

How To Create Your Own eBook from Wikipedia

To know Wikipedia is to love Wikipedia. Jimbo Wales’ non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, in conjunction with We the Internet, has provided a constantly up-to-date free encyclopedia of knowledge that far surpasses anything Britannica could have ever hoped of achieve with it’s $800+ library of paper tomes. Recently Tomasz Finc, Wikimedia’s Director of Mobile, unveiled a new way for users to take a copy of Wikipedia’s vast information store with them: The ability to create your very own books, both electronic and printed.

make wiki ebooksGetting started is easy. In the left sidebar, open the “Print/export” category and select “Create a book”. Click the big, green “Start book creator” button. Now you can search through Wikipedia and tag any articles you want to add by clicking “Add this page to your book” in the Book Creator widget at the top . When you’ve got everything, click “Show book”. Drag and drop articles to arrange them and even make chapters as you desire. Once you’re all organized, select the desired format from the “Download” section and click the button. You can even order a printed version right from the same page.

make wiki ebooks 2

Needless to say, the applications for this function are limitless. Build your own travel guides or movie databases. Print your very own encyclopedia of WWII aircraft or collection of Renaissance artists. The vast library of Wikipedia’s knowledge is at your every whim with just a little pointy-clicky. Head on over to get started with Wikipedia’s new book creator.

This is probably a good time to remind folks that, as we mentioned, Wikipedia is a non-profit charity organization. To keep this treasure trove of information free and clean of advertising they do rely on donations. To chip in a few bucks visit Wikipedia’s donation page.

For the Storm Ravaged Northeastern US, GUO Presents Kittens

Harassed by hurricanes one week, beset by blizzards the next. For those stuck suffering through the trails and tribulations of Mother Nature, GUO salutes your bravery and bad luck with the traditional Internet offerings: Pictures of cute kittens to warm your hearts. Enjoy!


Play Cameraman from Atop a F1 Race Car in this 360 Panoramic Video

F1 360 cameraThere’s no doubting the allure of F1 racers to speed freaks. There’s just a couple of problems. 1) The horrific expense and 2) the almost certain chance of horrific death in the hands of a rookie. Fortunately, Red Bull has come up with a way to get a virtual taste of these temperamental machines without you needing to update your will.

While mounting cameras on race cars is certainly nothing new, Making View’s new ViewCam gives users the the ability to choreograph their own take on the action. Weighing in at a mere 600 grams (about 21 ounces), this petite camera captures a full 360 degrees of video. The extreme sport junkies at Red Bull were more than happy to take this little ball-shaped camera crew out for a spin in one of their race cars. The results are stunning and it takes nothing more than Flash plug-in and the tap of an arrow key a to get any angle imaginable.

Play with the camera for yourself at Red Bull.

Where Did The Atmosphere On Mars Go? | Out Of This World Weekly

According to the Curiosity rover, most of the once thick atmosphere on Mars may have just floated away into inter planetary space.  It seems that the lightest gases rose to the top of the early Martian atmosphere, where they were the first to escape.  We aren’t sure about the exact composition of the gases that did escape but we can gather information about the remnants that were left behind.  Mars has an atmosphere of 95% Carbon Dioxide.  Of this Carbon Dioxide, the heaviest isotopes exist is far greater quantities than the light isotopes.  This suggests that they rose to the top of the atmosphere and escaped into space.  This information shows that Mars did indeed have a thicker atmosphere than it does today.  Currently, the atmosphere on Mars is only 1/100th that of Earth and would be deadly to an unprotected human.

Funimation Streaming Sengoku Basara Movie ‘The Last Party’ Before You Can Buy It

sengoku basaraFunimation continues its trend of giving away the goods just prior to the release of new movies on disk. Sengoku Basara: The Last Party is now streaming free and legal on YouTube in celebration of its upcoming November 6th DVD and Blu-ray release .

This third chapter of the Sengoku Basara series brings the boys back for one final war culminating in the legendary battle of Sekigahara, the beginning of the end to Japan’s feudal Warring States era.

I must admit to having been surprisingly taken with Sengoku Basara. It’s a testosterone fueled take on Japanese history where horses have handlebars and a samurai wielding six swords at once can destroy buildings with a single hit. The beautiful art, especially by television series standards, certainly doesn’t hurt. With its absurdly overpowered hero battles and real-world history twisted into heavy metal madness, Sengoku Basara feels more at home with the anime classics of the ‘90s than most of today’s features as it revels in its own cheesiness for the sake of over-the-top spectacle. While this third chapter may not make much sense to series newcomers, it is sure to satisfy those craving super powered manly men hitting each other with metal sticks.

Behind the Blog: November 1, 2012

Behind Blog button 2Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside!

Woo! Give it up for guest bloggers Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer! And if you don’t get that gag, you’re the reason we run a PG rated show Winking smile And you should listen to more 1970’s rock (of all flavors). No other decade in musical history compares to the experimental artistry of what passed for popular music in the ‘70s.

Now… What was I doing? Oh, yeah, chatting with you about the thoughts, feelings, and analytics behind the past 31 days of bloggery!

Yes, folks, it is time for us to take a little timeout at the beginning of a new month, catch out breath, and reflect upon all those little things that caught our eyes and tempted our wallets across October, the spookiest month of all. Boo! Heh, heh. Gotcha!

Welcome back to Growing Up Otaku’s specialest of specials, Behind the Blog.