£20,000 RFID Enabled Scrabble Board Brings Championship Play Live to the World

SONY DSCThe Prague Mindsports Festival has pulled out all the stops (and pennies from their piggy bank) in their quest to bring champion level Scrabble to the world live via the ‘Net. In what may very well be the highest tech boardgame translation ever, the folks at Mind Sports International (MSI) have embedded every Scrabble tile in the game with an radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip. The complimenting board and trays are where the real magic happens. It takes 225 RFID antennas to read every space on the board. This information is captured by the nine mainboards inside and relayed back to a central system where a real-time recreation of the gameboard is presented alongside streaming HD footage of the players. As for the customizable LED lighting around the board… Well, that just makes it look cool!

MSI’s CEO explains "Our goal was to help bring popular Scrabble tournaments to life, whilst reaching a wider audience by capturing tournament play in a technologically advanced and engaging manner.”

The Prague MindSports Festival is running December 1st through the 4th featuring classic games like Bridge, Backgammon, Poker, Scrabble, and Risk. New gaming hotness will also be represented in the form of League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments. For more information, game schedules, and live streams, check out www.PragueMindSportsFestival.com.

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