Finally, Scribblenauts Comes to the PC! And We’re Streaming It Live!

scribblenautsSure, people love their Halos and Calls o’ Duties, but me… I LOVE SCRIBBLENAUTS!!! Long time GUO readers know that I am the naughtiest scribe to never scribble naught. Thus it gives me great joy to announce that the epic puzzle sandbox word game Scribblenauts is making its way to the PC where it can finally be enjoyed with the peripheral it was always destined to be played with: A keyboard!

Much more than more of the same, Scribblenauts Unlimited now includes a story mode, open worlds, and an object creator that allows you to take your twisted creativity to whole new levels. All out of ideas? Borrow someone else’s creativity using Steam Workshop.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is now on sale for Windows based PCs for the very reasonable price of $30 at your favorite retail and online software stores. 3DS and Wii U versions are also available if your prefer to roll Nintendo style.

Obviously such an event of geektastic proportions deserves a little hoopla. As such, GUO is taking our first stab at this whole live streaming thing that’s all the rage. Join The Mrs. and myself as we take our first steps into the puzzling new world of Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Update: Show’s over, but you can catch a replay of the fun at after the page break or at our page. Feel free to skip around in the video as we had some technical foibles getting started and had to restart the stream at about the 1hr40min mark. It was a full house as The Mrs, Brandon (via Facetime), myself, and the Twitch community came up with the craziest ideas possible to solve equally bizarre puzzles.

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