Michael Jackson Takes Vice City Offline

michael-jackson-lightning-stage_1When Rockstar Games’ GTA: Vice City vanished from the Steam store, Gaming Blend went snooping:

“Looks like the block is from Sony Music Entertainment with the claim on a song from Michael Jackson called 'Wanna be Startin' Something' from Vice City's Fever 105 station. The content from SME and Warner Chappell has blocked the content on copyright grounds.”

This is hardly the first time record company shenanigans have caused grief for licensers in the video game realm. In recent years Bioshock, Hitman Contracts, and Rockstar’s own PSN release of GTA III have all done their time in limbo due to the machinations of these legendary swindlers.

Reports of the game’s disappearance from digital storefronts began surfacing in late October. Users that have already purchased the title from Steam are still free to download it, but this fourth chapter in the GTA series is not currently on sale. Even if you do own a Steam copy, you can probably expect a patch in the near future to remove the offending song from your game, whether you like it or not.

Yet another reminder that you don’t actually own anything in the cloud.

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