As Software Adapts and Changes, So Must Our Criticism. Scribblenauts Remix (iOS) Re-Reviewed

scribblenauts remix christmasSoftware is much more fluid and organic today than it used to be. Developer updates pushed to an constantly connected audience frequently changes a program from it’s initial form in response to fan feedback or developer inspiration. Critical analysis of software must adapt to these new rules of the road in order to maintain relevancy and usefulness. Fortunately documents on the Internet can have their ones and zeroes rearranged to keep pace with the medium and continue to provide pertinent information.

With this in mind we have appended our article “Review: Scribblenauts Remix (iPhone/iPad): Wet Stinky Angry Birds vs Lazy Zombie Robot Ninjas” to better reflect the current content and price point of the title. We have also changed our original score of 4/5 to a 5/5.


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