Hi-Tech S&*%: Smartphone Controlled Super Toilet

satis_smartphone_toilets-561x440Japanese toilets are already legendary in the west for their bevy of over-the-top functionality. Lixil attempts to one-up even this high standard by adding integration with everyone’s favorite gadget, smartphones.

The Satis G, E, and S type toilets are scheduled for release in Japan this February and feature a bevy of features such a flushing, seat warming, and music selections. While many of these features are already available in other toilets, usually via wall mounted touchscreen control panels, Satis leverages the power of your pocket PC by allowing owners to maintain a log of their… logs.

Man, I sure hope it updates Facebook and Twitter! That’s some dirty messaging!

Of course, we here are GUO are already integrating smartphone technology with the porcelain god.


  1. Updating facebook with poo status has been my goto of 'why twitter/facebook is worthless' for years..."I'm taking a dump." "It's half out." "Looks like corn." "Almost done". "Pinching now..." "Oop, here's another one."

  2. But now it can be automated! "Share" more, care less ;)