NASA Claims World Won’t End Dec 21 2012, Asks For Christmas Present | Out Of This World Weekly

Every few years another doomsday comes and goes without incident.  The folks at NASA have looked into claims that the world will end on Dec 21, 2012 and have declared that we will all survive.  The big prediction was made by the ending of the Mayan long count calendar. NASA assures us that just as the Earth and time do not end on your calendar at home when Jan 1st comes around, both time and the Earth will not end when the Mayan calendar comes to an end. 

Another doom prediction comes from the ancient Sumerians, who predicted that a planet named Nibiru is set to collide with the Earth in Dec 2012.  It also happens that they predicted that this would happen back in May 2003 but when nothing happened, they seem to have arbitrarily moved the date up a few years and crossed their fingers.  Needless to say, the folks at NASA haven’t found any new planets in our solar system lately, especially not ones that are on a collision course with Earth. 

Did you know that the Earth is supposed to experience a “total blackout” from Dec 23rd to Dec 25th?  I sure hadn’t heard about this one.  Yet some people claim that the alignment of the Universe will cause a blackout disaster.  I assume this has something to do with a electrical blackout and not the Sun going dark.  As for Universal alignment, NASA assures us that there are no significant planetary alignments like the ones that occurred in 1962, 1982, and 2000 without incident.  Every December our solar system does approximately align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy but this happens every year without consequence and our galaxy doesn’t seem to be aligned with any other nearby galaxies in any significant way.  While 2012-2014 is near the 11 year solar maximum, NASA doesn’t see any particular reason that this solar maximum will be any different than any of the others and aren’t expecting a particularly bad solar maximum in any way. 

Asteroids and comets are always a threat to life on Earth and some claim that this will be the cause of our demise.  NASA cites the Spaceguard Survey, which has shown that there are no asteroids as large as the one that killed all the dinosaurs in nearby space and there aren’t any other asteroids set to make any near passes for the month of December.  So, while asteroids are a credible risk – they are monitored because they are a credible risk and have been for decades.  Today, asteroid monitoring is better than ever and while it is not perfect, it is good enough to say that today asteroid 2008 YZ28, a 270-590m asteroid  will approach Earth 63.7 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  This doesn’t  happen to be close at all at 15 Million miles but is still tracked very closely.  You can find more near Earth asteroids Here

One far-out claim to imminent doom is from a supernova exploding and showering us with radiation or stellar matter.  NASA assures us that for us to be affected, the supernova would have to be within 50 light years.  All stars within 50 light years capable of exploding with such force have been found and studied by NASA and none of them show any signs of exploding any time soon.  Others claim that the Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB) caused by exploding stars can cause a jet of radiation that could destroy all life on Earth.  While this is true, the star would have to be pointed exactly at Earth.  While a GRB could affect us from up to 10,000 light years away – the closest known GRB on record was 1.3 Billion light years away. 

NASA does concede that there is a miniscule chance of utter disaster, yet nothing seems to be scheduled for December.  So what can we do for an agency protecting us from and completely discrediting doomsayers with science and logic?  According to the Government Accountability Office, NASA’s administrator is authorized to accept unconditional gifts or donations of services, money, and property.  Yes, this means that you can send Christmas presents to NASA via NASA administrator Charles Bolden.  You can call Ask NASA for a shipping address at (202) 358-0000 so you can send NASA some nice reindeer sweaters or a couple million to keep NASA afloat.  Think about it, you could send your cousin yet another gift card or you could send that money to NASA who might use that money to send your cousin to a far off asteroid. 


  1. is that true earth will blackout for three days this december 2012

    1. No, Boris - it is not true that the Earth will blackout for three days. It was a misread communication which spawned stories about a world-wide blackout. Repeat - Earth will not blackout for 3 days.

      Thanks for your question!