Nokia Uses Orchestra to Create Ringtones for Lumia Windows 8 Phones

nokia-lumia-920t-color-rangeMost ringtones suck. Yeah, even I couldn’t dance around that one with a bunch of flowery language. Fortunately, one company has finally decided to do something about it.

Nokia has partnered with audio production company Epic Sound and hired the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to record 25 original compositions (dubbed “miniatures”) for use as ringtones in their phones. A few of these recordings are already available on the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920. As it turns out, classical music snippets are the second most popular category of ringtones.  Nokia sound engineer Aleski Eeben explains that the new tunes were designed from the ground up to be “distinctively ring tones: they are short, and they all have a functional sounds element.”

So, why the orchestra? Your standard ringtones are cranked out by synthesizers in a studio. Asbjoern Andersen of Epic Sound explains:

“There’s a lot of thought, effort and new ideas put into the devices – not only in terms of the hardware, but also in the overall user experience and design of the products.

The Nokia mobile sounds are heard around a billion times a day, so a lot of work is put into ensuring that they would stand repeated listening in a lot of different environments and to give the products a unique, organic sound you don’t normally hear on mobile devices.”

Frankly, the new line of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices have been the only smartphone to really catch my attention this year, particularly the Lumia 920. A refreshing change from the traditional black slab running something vaguely resembling Windows 3.1, these new color coordinated pocket computers really tickle the lizard-like bit of my brain looking for the latest shiny thing. It’s good to hear (er, no pun intended) that these new handsets are going to be as easy on the ears as they are on the eyes.

Source: The Telegraph

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