Linux Powered Hunting Rifle Makes Anyone a Perfect Shot

Texas based TrackingPoint revealed their innovation poised to change the world of marksmen everywhere at CES this year: The XactSystem line of computerized firearms. Featuring a video scope and running on the Linux operating system, the XactSystem functions similarly to the HUD system in modern fighter jets. Not your traditional point-n-shoot, TrackingPoint's rifles require the user to identify the intended target using a mark button on the weapon. This displays a 'lock on' style marker over the intended target. The shooter then presses and holds the trigger down. This creates an additional indicator on the scope's video display showing where the gun in pointed. Line up the the two aiming indicators and the weapon fires automatically while accounting for distance, lead, temperature, bullet drop, and more. TrackingPoint's system in effective out to a whopping 1,200 yards.

Of course what would any modern gadget be without social networking features? The XactSystem hits the target with everything the hi-tech huntsman could want. The scope's video can be live streamed to your favorite IOS device and videos of you pwning noob deer can be uploaded directly to YouTube.

XactSystem rifles range from $17,000 to $22,500. The top tier package even includes an iPad Mini preconfigured to synch with the system. This hefty price tag isn't the final word in expense either as the system requires TrackingPoint's own ammunition to ensure that the weight and dimensions of each round remains consistent with what the computer expects.


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