$12 Homemade Violin Makes Cheap, If Not Beautiful, Music

IMG113-300x2251Got two days, twelve bucks, and a hankerin’ to make some music? Goodness knows Alex Davies and friends sure did! Wielding a 3D printer, art class cred, and a heaping helping of chutzpah, Alex and co. set out to create a real playable violin, strings and all, from zip-dot-squat.

Here’s the materials list:

    • About 80 hours between the two of us, most of which was spent doing prototypes, reading the internet, and watching other streams. If you had a kit you could probably do it in 8 including drying time.
    • Some newspaper, pilfered from the bus stop.
    • Flour and water for the wheat paste.
    • A 3D printer,  and maybe 4 dollars worth of plastic.
    • Some picture hanging wire, pilfered from my room mate.
    • A drill, with a few drill bits.
    • A bottle of chai tea liquor.

The results? Magical!

Check out the journey to create this DIY paper violin here.

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