Sony Xbones Microsoft Over Online DRM

Three news briefs later and I still have questions over the online DRM issues and workarounds for giving away my old Xbox One games to friends. Fortunately, Sony produced this instructional video so I wouldn’t have any questions about how to handle my PS4 discs.


  1. Man... I'm not really following this, as I don't do news, but the bits and pieces I've seen, yeesh. MS hath steppeth upon their male member, yea verily, and have since been jumping up and down on it.

  2. LOL! Yeah, it's been the kind of boneheaded stuff you usually expect Sony to be pulling. In fact, it is a whole lot like when Sony DRM'd the heck out of their music CDs. A lot of us are moving to digital purchases anyway where you "digital rights" amounts to "you don't have any." It was totally dumb for MS to put their foot down and try to enforce the same thing of people who still want to use disks.