Install an Ad Blocking Browser Plugin for a Safer and Prettier Internet

ATT1427681 The beginning of 2014 started with a whimper for many netizens as a compromised account on Yahoo’s advertising platform led to the email and messaging giant serving up malware to as many as two million users. This type of cyberterrorism has become more common that you might think. According to Cisco’s 2013 security report:

“Cisco found that online shopping sites are 21 times as likely, and search engines are 27 times as likely, to deliver malicious content than a counterfeit software site.  Viewing online advertisements? Advertisements are 182 as times likely to deliver malicious content than pornography.”

So what’s a web surfer to do? Stop searching and shopping and start pirating and wanking? Hey! HEY! Put that down! Geez, I can’t even make a joke around you people! Besides, it said MORE likely. You still need protection. Especially with a mind like that.

Advertising is the bread and butter that keeps the Internet free. Still, we all need to watch our own buttered bread first lest it become toast. There are a few options out there for filtering your daily browsing to strip ads from web pages. Personally, I’ve been using Adblock Plus on a number of browsers for quite some time and to great effect.

So, you might want to get on that now ‘cause… ya know, gobble gobble.

Also, that rather horrific Coke ad? That comes to us compliments of the “Bad Ads from the Good Ol’ Days” archive at and they’ve got some more stuff that’s just beyond belief.

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