Let’s Sell the Mrs’ Stuff Back to Amazon!

Not content to merely dominate its retail competitors, Amazon is looking to put the kibosh on local yard sales as well. Yes folks, the titan of e-commerce want your old junk. They seem to have really streamlined the system, too. Just hit up the web site, click a button, print out the pre-paid shipping label, and kick it to the curb. So far the offer is open to select items from the categories of movies, music, video games, electronic gadgets, and THE most expensive commodity in the modern world: Textbooks.

If you can see the above image, you should install an ad blocker ;)

Ooo, I can practically spend that free money now! Let’s see, I’m sure there’s some stuff around here I don’t need anymore. Hmm… Ah! How about that Pacific Rim Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack I got the Mrs. for her birthday! That’s gotta be worth a buck or two! Let’s see… it’s worth… $0.25. A quarter?! Really?!

Okay, time to kick it up a notch! How ‘bout her Nexus 7 tablet. I never use this thing (‘cause she’s always on it), so I guess we don’t need it. Let’s see… It’s not the 2013 model, so… $52.50. Man, I’d actually loose money by the time I got some crappy knock-off refurb to cover my tracks.

Ah! Paydirt! Let’s check out the Mrs’ new Asus S550C touchscreen laptop. Aw, not listed. There is, however, an Asus K55A. Not a bad little machine. Specs are a 2.5Ghz Core i5, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. Still a great system by modern standards. Guess how much? $55. Yup, 55 USD. Man, I’ll take two! I always wanted to mount a PC in the bathroom.

Alight, time to get serious. I’ve had me eyes on that shiny, new iPad Air. Let’s see what I can get for my trusty ol’ iPad 2. This thing’s a beauty! Flawlessly jailbroken, disabled lock screen, default browser changed to Chrome, still running the last good version of iOS (5.1.1), and stylishly decorated with a bloodstained radiation symbol over that ostentatious-excuse-for-an-ad Apple logo. Heck, I bet I could trade this thing straight-up for an Air! Let’s see… 150 bones. No bonus for stickers. Must be an oversight. Still, after the $55 laptop, not half bad for a three year-old tablet.

So, that’s Amazon’s trade in program. As with most programs of this type, prices range from barely acceptable to WTF. Definitely better than throwing it in the trash, maybe not as good as passing it on to friends, family, or charity. At least they pay for the shipping. Check it out for yourself here.

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